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Conde Accessories

Conde Accessories are specifically designed to work in conjunction with Conde Pumps to complete your vacuum tank system. All components are carefully engineered to enable you to get the ultimate performance out of your pumping system.

     Conde Oil Catch Mufflers                                            


Conde Oil Catch Mufflers are designed to capture oil as it exists the vacuum pump exhaust. Includes drain mechanism at the bottom. Designed for the specific air flow of your pump.

Part No. Description  
Oil Catch Muffler, Model 3, “3/4″ connection
ProVac 3 Oil catch Muffler, 1” connection
Oil Catch Muffler, Diamond plate, Model 6/12


Conde Stainless Steel Secondary Moisture Trap


Lightweight and corrosion resistant. Large 6 quart capacity. Top removes easily for inspection. Precision machine tope with O-ring prevents any leakage. Includes ball valve drain and sight glass. 1-1/2″ connections can be bushed down. Ideal for systems up to 230 CFM.

Part No. Description  
LWTRMO1SS Conde Secondary Moisture Trap 




       Conde Primary Shut Off





Conde Primary Shut Offs are available with either steel or aluminum necks. Simply cut a hole in tank, and weld in. Primary comes apart quickly for inspection with same precision machined top with O-ring as Secondary Trap. 4″ ball with positive seat and 2″ connection. Can also be bushed down.

Part No. Description  
LWTRP01 Aluminum Primary Shut Off  
LWTRP02 Steel Primary Shut Off  
LWTRP03 Stainless Primary Shut Off  
LWTRPV3 ProVac 3 Primary Shut Off  
LWTR31 Mini Primary Shut Off 



 Conde Plastic Moisture Traps

The Conde small plastic moisture trap is ideal for systems up to 40 CFM. Ideal for the Conde ProVAC 3 Pumps.

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Part No. Description  


Plastic Secondary Moisture Trap 




Final Filter – All Stainless Steel

Final Filter – All Stainless Steel


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Especially in higher CFM pumps, debris and liquid can become airborn and pass by the primary and secondary traps and can build up inside the pump causing premature failure or vane sticking. The Final Filter is designed to catch debris before it enters the pump. Made entirely of stainless steel and will therefore not add to the problem by rotting. Filter element is easy to change and also made of stainless steel for durability.

Part No. Description  


Stainless Steel Final Filter, 1-1/2”, up to 250 CFM 




Plastic Final Filter
Plastic Final FilterDownload Specifications
Part No. Description  


Plastic Final Filter, 1” up to 35 CFM 




Complete Protection Package 1
Complete Protection Package 1

Part No. LWPKG1, with Steel Primary

Part No. LWPKG1A, with Aluminum Primary

Part No. LWPKG1SS, with Stainless Primary

Get everything you need to protect your pump; Primary Vacuum Shut-Off, Secondary Moisture trap, Final Filter, Oil Catch Muffler and SAVE MONEY. LWPKG1, Protection package for Super 6, SDS 6, SDS 12, SDS Ultra up to 250 CFM.

Complete Protection Package 2
Complete Protection Package 2

Part No.  LWPKG2, with Stainless Primary

Part No. LWPKG2A, with Aluminum Primary

Economic Protection Package for the ProVac 3 and pumps to 40 CFM. LWPKG2, Protection Package for ProVac 3 up to 40 CFM.

Conde Flush Kit

Conde Flush Kit One of the best ways to protect your pump and prolong it’s life is to flush it with kerosene or diesel fuel regularly. The Conde Flush Kit makes this task easy. Made of durable aluminum, simply turn on your pump, and open the ball valve. Instructions are right on the side. Mount in any convenient location. 


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  Conde Relief Valves

Every vacuum system should have a relief valve installed somewhere on the vacuum line to the tank. Relief valves are designed to let ambient air into the system so that vacuum levels do not go over the intended range. By controlling the maximum vacuum to your vacuum needs, you help prolong the life of your pump and system. All Conde relief valves are completely adjustable. Always buy the relief valve made to match the air flow capabilites of your pump.

Part No. Description  
Relief valve, 3/4″ for Model 3/6
Relief valve, 1″ for Super 6
Relief valve, 1-1/4″ pressure
Relief valve, 1-1/2″ pressure
Relief valve, 1-1/2″ vacuum


Conde Electric Clutches

Conde Electric clutches are made to install on Conde tapered “under-the-hood” pumps. Clutches are available for older v- belt trucks and for newer serpentine belt models.

Part No. Description  
Clutch Mounting Plate
Electric Clutch – V Belt
Electric Clutch, poly groove
(6 groove for Chevy)
Electric Clutch, poly groove
(8 groove for Ford)

Tank Accessories

Part No. Description  
12″ Manway
2″ Sight glass with coupling


Remote Slide Valve (changeover valve)

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Turn your vacuum only system into a pressure off-loading system with a Conde Remote Slide Valve. The slide valve can be mounted in a location that is convenient to get to. Comes with installation instrucions.

Part No. Description  
Remote Slide Valve 1″
Remote Slide Valve 1-1/4″
Remote Slide Valve 1-1/2″


Hose and Hose Fittings
Plastiflex hose is the industry standard. It is extremely flexible for ease of use and very durable. Quick connect fittings are aluminum. Wand Assembly is PVC with large ball valve shut off and quick connect fitting.

Part No. Description  
1.5″ x 20′ Plastiflex Hose
2″ x 20′ Plastiflex Hose
E Adaptor 1.5″
E Adaptor 2″
E Adaptor 3″
F Adaptor 1.5″
F Adaptor 2″
F Adaptor 3″
Hose Assembly – HV32 x 20′ W/2″ PART C Alum. Each End
2″ Wand Assembly


Conde Pump Repair Kits
Conde Pump Repair Kits
Everything needed to repair your pump including: vanes, bearings, seals, shims, bearing coves, bearing cover screws and gaskets or 0-rings.

Part No. Description  
Model 3 repair kit
ProVac 3 repair kit
Model 6 repair kit
Super 6 repair kit (three vane)
Super 6 repair kit (four vane)
Super 12 repair kit (six vane)
Super 12 repair kit (eight vane)
SDS 6 repair kit (three vane)
SDS 6 repair kit (four vane)
SDS 12 repair kit (three vane)
SDS 12 repair kit (four vane)
SDS Ultra kit