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Westmoor Ltd. Environmental Aeration Kits are designed to destratify lakes and ponds, improving water quality and stopping fish kills. Westmoor’s air stone diffuser units are designed to sit on the bottom of the lake or pond. The diffuser unit creates a cloud of fine bubbles which creates an updraft effect, lifting oxygen depleted water from the bottom to the surface where it naturally absorbs oxygen. Unlike surface aerators or fountains that send water into the air and effect only upper levels of a lake where oxygen levels are already the highest, Westmoor systems thoroughly mix stratified ponds from top to bottom, ensuring healthy aquatic life at all levels.

Westmoor Aeration Kits include a compressor unit, air hose, and diffuser units. Research shows that this type of bottom to top aeration is an extremely effective and cost efficient way to keep your pond and fish in peak condition. Aeration kits are also ideal for fish farming.

A small aeration system like this one can aerate and destratify ponds and lakes up to two acres.

Aeration Kits