Westmoor, Ltd. Aeration Systems


Westmoor Diffuser Units and Air Hose

Westmoor Diffuser units are specially designed to create a column of medium fine bubbles that circulate oxygen depleted water from the bottom of ponds and lakes to the surface, destratifing and naturally absorbing oxygen at the surface. Diffusers are made up of ceramic air stones which are designed to create just the right size bubble, small enough to be most efficient, yet not so small that air stone clogging becomes a problem. Diffusers are built on a manifold that includes an underlaying mat to keep the unit slightly off the bottom and a check valve that prevents water from running back into the air lines if the compressor is turned off. Air stones are easily cleaned by dipping them in muriatic acid and should be cleaned once a year. Diffusers are available in either four or six stone configurations with either 6″ or 9″ long stones.

Part No. Description  
Four, 6″ stone diffuser unit
Six, 6″ stone diffuser unit
Four, 9″ stone diffuser unit
Six, 9″ stone diffuser unit
6″ air stone only
9″ air stone only


Westmoor offers two types of air hose which we feel have proven themselves over the years. Clear Glytex tubing is extremely flexible and easy to use. It uncoils easily, takes fittings well, holds up extremely well over time and is economically priced. Glytex, however, floats when it is filled with air and must, therefore, be weighted down upon installation. Typically, attaching a common brick every ten feet or so sufficiently weighs the tubing down.

Westmoor also offers weighted tubing which will sink to the bottom even when filled with air. Weighted tubing is less flexible and slightly harder to work with then the Glytex, but has the advantage of laying flat on the bottom with no “serpent” effect.

Part No. Description  
5/8″ Glytex tubing
Weighted feeder tubing

Hose Accessories

Part No. Description  
1/2″ hose connector
5/8″ hose connector
1/2″ Plastic globe valve
3/4″ Plastic globe valve
3/4″ Brady check valve
1/2″ Plastic elbow
3/4″ Plastic elbow