Condé Vacuum Systems

If you have a place where your cows can be milked in the same location every day, this is an excellent system for you!The Condé Vacuum System is designed to operate bucket milker systems.

These units are complete with pump, motor, vacuum regulator and gauge mounted on a steel tank.

1VS3075 Model 3 System 3/4 HP 8 2
1VS3150 Model 3 System 1.5 HP 12 4
1VS6SS2 Model 6 Super 2 HP 23 6
1VS6SS3 Model 6 Super 3 HP 33 8
NOTE: The number of milkers above is for bucket systems.

Place the vacuum unit in a clean, dry, convenient area. Run a vacuum line from the 2.0″ connection on the tank through the area where cows will be milked. The vacuum line should be 1.5″ or larger and be looped. Install a stall cock on this vacuum line at each place a bucket milker will be operating. Many customers milk two cows at each stall cock. Automatic drain valves should be used at all low points or where risers are used on a vacuum line. Use pipe tees with a plug in one opening instead of using elbows in the furthest corners. This allows for better access for cleaning and checking air flow.

After the pulsation line with stall cocks is complete, install the pump exhaust to the outside of the building. Add oil to the reservoir on top of the pump, wire the motor and you are ready to milk.