Condé Goat and Sheep Milking Machine


Conde Goat and Sheep Milking Machine
The Conde Dairy Equipment Story


Back in 1939, Lyall Conde developed the revolutionary Conde Milker System for the milking of dairy cattle. Although there have been many changes to Conde equipment over the last 60 years, we still adhere to the same design and production principles which have stood the test of time. High quality construction which is made to last, pride in workmanship, superior engineering and design, and prompt, knowledgeable service are not just wordss, but promises you can count on when you purchase Conde Dairy Equipment.

The following pages introduce you to our line of milking equipment for dairy goats and sheep. Please use the contents as a guide and give us a call for full details on your particular milking equipment needs which we will be happy to supply you with. 800-367-0972
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