Condé Vacuum Suppliers

Condé Vacuum Suppliers


Condé Ultra Portable Vacuum Supplier for Goat & Sheep Milking

The Condé Ultra Portable is the ultimate portable vacuum supplier, featuring our own rugged vapor oil pump. Incorporates built-in vacuum regulator, balance tank, and vacuum gauge. Simply plug it in and begin milking. Made for everyday use. Use with Condé 16 lb. Pail Milker or Conde 60 lb. Pail Milker.

Part No. Description Price
1VS30 Ultra Portable Vacuum Supplier w/ oil pump $1,295.00

Condé Portable Vacuum Supplier For Cows, Goats, or Sheep

The Condé Portable features an environmentally friendly heavy duty vacuum pump arrangement that is capable of milking up to four goats or sheep, or tow cows at a time. Easy to maneuver with built-in balance tank, vacuum controller and gauge. Powered with a rugged 3/4 hp motor that will plug into any 15 amp service. Will supply vacuum to two 16 lb. Pail Milkers, two 60 lb. Pail Milkers, or with two Condé Double Milkers (for goats or sheep). Well balanced and easy to roll on heavy duty wheels.

Part No. Description Price
1VS01 Condé Portable Vacuum Supplier w/ oil pump $1,315.00


Condé Vacuum Systems

Condé Vacuum Systems are designed to be permanently installed for goat and sheep multiple milking stations. Compact design with built-in balance tank, vacuum controller and vacuum gauge. Rubber feet minimize vibration and allow the unit to be remotely located so there is no noise in the milking area. 1-1/2″ vacuum line connections. Several units available based on air flow requirements.

Part No. Description CFM
@15″ Hg
1VS3075 Model 3 Vacuum System
3/4 hp motor
8 12 $1,275.00
1VS3150 Model 3 Vacuum System
1.5 hp motor
12 8.6 $1,335.00
1VS6SS2 Model 6 Vacuum System
2.0 hp motor
23 12.4 $2,250.00
1VS6SS3 Model 6 Vacuum System
3.0 hp motor
33 19.0 $2,275.00