Westmoor, Ltd. was formed when two outstanding companies merged in 1987. Both companies built their reputations by adhering to good old American principles of sound management, innovative design, high production standards, inspiring quality and customer satisfaction.

In the 1930’s, Conde Milking Machine company began designing what would become a truly impressive list of patented dairy equipment, which included the revolutionary portable milking system. Designing to meet the varying conditions and high quality requirements demanded in the dairy industry led to the development of innovative vacuum pumps and compressors.

Air Vac, another American original (circa 1950’s), set the printing industry standard for non-pulsating air sources. Westmoor, Ltd.’s current line of vacuum pumps and compressors meet the requirements of today’s diverse applications while improving the quality and dependability of which they were originally known.

Westmoor, Ltd has two manufacturing divisions:


  • Conde Pumps
  • Conde Liquid Waste Systems
  • Conde Aeration Equipment
  • Conde Vacuum Systems for Maple Syrup Industry


  • Conde Dairy Equipment
  • Conde Goat Milking Equipment

The manufacturing plant for both divisions is a single facility nestled in the Central New York foothills of the Adironack mountains. There, a group of skilled workers and dedicated craftsmen manufacture the Conde line of products. High standards mean more to the Westmoor employees because they care and still take pride in a job well done. Westmoor, Ltd. continues to invest in its people and equipment to make Conde products the best built products at the best price.


We believe that product maintenance is predetermined by the structural integrity of the product – built-in dependability. Meticulous design and carefully monitored production creates a durable piece of equipment that minimizes maintenance and machine downtime. Modular component construction facilitates easy, economical parts replacement.

Production problems are solved at the test bench, not in the marketplace. Every product we manufacture is tested prior to shipping. Westmoor, Ltd.’s skilled craftsmen subject each piece of equipment to rigorous testing according to your actual operating specifications. We are proud of a Quality Control Program that really works. Just ask our customers!

For the record, Westmoor, Ltd.’s warranty policy guarantees all Conde products for a period of one year against defects in workmanship and materials during normal use.

You are not cast adrift after receiving your product. Westmoor, Ltd.’s experienced personnel are available to aid you in the proper installation, operation and maintenance of your purchase. For example, maintenance kits or replacement pumps are available for next day delivery anywhere in the country.

Westmoor, Ltd.’s reputation has been built on providing not only quality products, but quality service as well. Don’t expect to be transferred to the Installation Department, the Claims Department, or to the Customer Relations Department because we don’t have them. Our sales staff handles all service situations which means the people who help design our products will service your account as well. Westmoor, Ltd. employees respond to the trust our customers place in us and our products. We guarantee full value by providing meaningful service.

Westmoor, Ltd. – delivering dependable, quality products and excellent service before and after the sale.


Westmoor, Ltd. makes each piece of Conde equipment from start to finish in the U.S.A., at a single manufacturing location. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the design and workmanship of our products.

We are sensitive to the needs of the rapidly changing and expanding markets for various industrial and dairy applications of our products. Personalized service, from sales to testing, facilitates our ability to meet your specific needs. Innovative designs of products and systems allow us to service a broad spectrum of clients: from industrial machinery, aeration systems for aquatic and environmental improvements, to liquid waste removal systems and scientific testing equipment. There is even a Conde pump under the engine hatch of Mercury Marines world class ocean racing boat!

Westmoor, Ltd., is in a unique position. Our resources and skilled craftsmen, physical location, methods of manufacturing, purchasing power, and dedication to finding the simplest, most cost effective solution allows us to provide quality products at fair prices. You don’t pay for the name – you pay for the materials and workmanship.

Westmoor, Ltd – serving you where it counts the most – the bottom line.